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Welcome to East West Familycare!

Here at East-West Familycare our aspiration is to honorably serve our community by providing superior healthcare at a fair price to our customers.

 We combine 4000 years of wisdom with 21st century, cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to help our patients heal--emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our holistic approach means you will be treated as a whole person, not a collection of symptoms.

Primary Care

We offer a full range of healthcare services managed by our Primary Care providers who want to help you and your family maintain your health and live the fullest lives possible.

Alternative Medicine

By combining Eastern and Western medicine, our physicians offer multiple effective chronic pain treatments and develop individual treatment plans enabling patients to live full and productive lives.

Health Management

Annual physicals and routine wellness visits play a crucial role in managing your health and identifying risk factors as well as identifying issues as quickly as possible so that the full range of treatment options are available.

Addiction Management

We understand that you are not your addiction. Our physicians are committed to working with patients to establish a balanced approach to reclaiming a full, clean life.

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