Our Services

Because we practice both Eastern and Western medicine, we are able to give intravenous fluid and medications in the office. We are also able to determine if or when medications, surgeries, and/or acupuncture are the most appropriate treatment modality. Leveraging our understanding of Western methodological approaches to understanding a disease process, we are able to then integrate Eastern wisdom and Western technology collaboratively to design a treatment plan that best fits that patient's emotional, financial, and physical needs.

Eastern Medicine

Eastern medicine is a traditional system of medical care in Asia with history of over 4000 years. The system to seeks harmonize the body's chemistry, thereby, strengthening the physical and emotional systems. We use acupuncture to harmonize the flow of energy, allowing the body to heal.


Acupuncture is a method of treatment aiming to balance, regulate an strengthen energy flow throughout the body.  By using fine needles, we are able to stimulate the flow of energy through specific "energy channels" throughout the body that are associated with specific organs, allowing the body to heal more effectively from its injuries.


Moxibustion s a form of therapy using heat to release blockage along specific junctions where different "energy channels" meet.  The intent is to invigorate the flow of energy along specific "energy channels" associate with specific organs.  The improved in energy flow will facilitate more effective healing in the body.  


Cupping is a form of Eastern medicine using a vacuum effect to create a suction pressure at specific energy points throughout the body.  Such negative pressure will initiate the release of any any stagnation or blockage in energy flow.  Thereby, promoting greater healing effects.  

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy takes advantage of the natural healing properties in plants.  By utilizing these natural properties, we can help the body to heal harmoniously with nature. 

Western Medicine

With Western medicine we use counseling, medication and/or surgery to treat the symptoms or causes of illnesses.  The beauty of Western Medicine lies in its ability to describe the mechanism and processes of the illnesses.  Therefore, we can explain why certain conditions occur. We strive to learn the  the the causes and mechanisms of your illnesses.  By understanding the causes and the illnesses, the system then target the defects in those mechanisms to bering about improvement in quality of life.

Health Tests and Screenings

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DOT, Sports, and Annual Physical

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Out-Patient Surgery

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Our Specialties

Here is an example of how we use our skills in Eastern medicine to benefit our patients. We have a patient who came in with abdominal pain. Because we practice Western medicine, we were able to obtain the necessary laboratory and radiological tests to show that the patient was having an infection of his gallbladder (acute cholecystitis). Most medical clinics will send the patient to the emergency room for surgical evaluation. Almost every acupuncturist in town will tell this patient to follow up with his physician.

However, we offered treatment options to our patient. After a thorough discussion, the patient chose the least invasive treatment. Subsequently, we placed the patient on the appropriate intravenous antibiotics and pain therapy in the office along with treatments at home. Once the infection was controlled, we then performed serial gallbladder flushes using Eastern medicine. This patient has been well for the past 2 years. Now, the patient only comes in every 3-6 months for a gallbladder flush costing 30-35$ each.

Contrary to what many patients and physicians believe, the gallbladder plays a crucial role in digesting and processing the foods we eat. By combining Eastern and Western medicine, we helped this particular patient keeps his gallbladder, and thereby, optimizies his on-going digestive function. We also helped this patient to avoid more than $10,000 in hospital bills out of his own pockets.

Addiction Management

We offer affordable, effective and safe medication-assisted treatment with Suboxone/Subutex in an office-based setting.  We offer opportunities for in-house counseling services.  Our goals are for you to be empowered, healed and remain sobered.

Adult Medicine

Each patient is a unique individual.  We recognize that your emotional and physical health are intimately linked.  We strive to centralize your health, referring only when it’s necessary for your benefits, and not for our convenience.  We will care for you from cradle to grave.  We have the expertise to care for 90% of all your illnesses.


We provide comprehensive medical services ranging from new-borns to adulthood.  We provide both developmental screening,  back-to-school, and sport physicals.


Rheumatology is the care for conditions relating to inflammation of the tendons, ligaments and muscles.  The disease process is modulated via the immune system.  At East West Familycare, we offer both immune-suppressing treatments to calm down the the immune system and naturopathic treatments to harmonize the immune system with the rest of the body system.

Sports Medicine

With the benefits of both Eastern and Western Medicine, we diagnosed and managed wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.  We offer both trigger points and intra-joint injections. We offer joint manipulation, energy rebalancing with acupuncture.  We offer both medicinal and naturopathic treatments for your physical injuries.

Women's Health

We offer services to handle all of your heathcare needs. From STD screenings, PAP Smears, GYN Chekups.  Our providers specialize in 100% of your specific needs.