Our Chief Medical Officer

A graduate of Meharry Medical College, Dr. Nguyen did his advanced family medicine training at the University of Tennessee-Memphis.  Dr. Nguyen came from a family with a long tradition in Eastern medicine.  Being trained in Eastern medicine himself, Dr. Nguyen encountered numerous patients whose illnesses were not adequately managed by any one particular field of medicine.  Dr. Nguyen actively engage with both philosophies, bridging Eastern with Western medicine, to maximize patients’ recovery.

During his tenure, Dr. Nguyen already helped numerous patients with rheumatoid arthritis to come off of their daily steroids and immunosuppressants, while his patients continue their active and functional lifestyles.  Dr. Nguyen successfully treated patients with symptomatic gallstone and acute appendicitis without resorting to surgery.

Dr. Nguyen advanced training in family medicine allows him to deliver more than 500 babies, performed more than 200 cases of conscious sedation and colonoscopy in the office.  Conscious sedation is a form of semi-deep sedation that is done in the office for the purposes of performing office surgeries, colonosocopy, or fracture reductions. Very few physicians are trained in this area of medicine.


Trung T. Nguyen, MD, FAAFP

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