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How We Used Our Skills in Eastern Medicine to Benefit a Patient

Here is an example of how we used our skills in Eastern medicine to benefit a patient. We have a patient who came in with abdominal pain. Because we practice Western medicine, we were able to obtain the necessary laboratory and radiological tests to show that the patient was having an infection of his gallbladder (acute cholecystitis). Most medical clinics will send the patient to the emergency room for surgical evaluation. Almost every acupuncturist in town will tell this patient to follow up with his physician.

However, we offered treatment options to our patients. After a thorough discussion, the patient chose the least invasive treatment. Subsequently, we placed the patient on the appropriate intravenous antibiotics and pain therapy in the office along with treatments at home. Once the infection was controlled, we then performed serial gallbladder flushes using Eastern medicine. This patient has been well for the past 2 years. Now, the patient only comes in every 3-6 months for a gallbladder flush costing 30-35$ each.

Contrary to what many patients and physicians believe, the gallbladder plays a crucial role in digesting and processing the foods we eat. By combining Eastern and Western medicine, we helped this particular patient keeps his gallbladder, and thereby, optimize his on-going digestive function. We also helped this patient to avoid more than $10,000 in hospital bills out of his own pockets.

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